I am a lifetime martial artist, full-time engineer, and sometime amateur chef.  I grew up in a small town in Utah with five brothers and sisters - we were hands down the best dressed family on Halloween.  My mother was a genius with a sewing machine and she had a bit of a dark side herself.  Mom gave me a paperback copy of The Exorcist and introduced me to Stephen King when I was in junior high.  She let us stay up late to watch Nightmare Theatre on weekends and often joined us.  Our local movie house showed one film at a time so movie night was whatever was playing at The Ritz so long as the rating was within limits. This was the scene of my first and most impressionable horror film: Tales from the Crypt.  My mom liked scary and she passed it on.  

I love to spend my free time in the kitchen or hanging out with my dogs. My job can be stressful so I often decompress with a glass of wine, a recipe, and a slasher film. I binge on cooking shows almost as much as I binge on scary ones. Check out my links to some of my favorite guilty pleasures and check back often to see what's new.