Are you ready for a new year of Horror?

Most people I know welcome a new year in traditional ways; reflecting on the previous year, thinking about goals for the upcoming year, taking a moment of silence for those we lost; perhaps making a few resolutions towards better physical, mental, or financial health. Stuff like that.  

Not me.  No way.  For me a new year means a brand-new line up of horror movies.  Some new, some old, some highly anticipated, and others, well, not so much.  I have read that 2017 is winding up to be the most unoriginal year for horror films.   I don't know - that is a pretty bold statement. The most?  What is the basis of this opinion? Where is the data from previous years to validate this claim...

WAIT A MINUTE!  Data?  Validation?  That's just too much like work. Halloween is supposed to be fun. 

I say we keep it simple.  Let's look at what's out there and approach these movies with complete objectivity. Expect and enjoy the cliche', the cheesy, the redux, and the outright weird.  I'm sure we'll have a blast and even find some thrills along the way. 

I found 26 movies to choose from presented in order of (anticipated) release, and nearly a dozen awaiting a release date.  Enjoy!





Nada for the month of April.  "Sleight" was suggested but the trailer and the summary didn't pass my rules.  Do we need to go over the rules again? 


The selection for May could also be challenged.  I often watch the original and its first sequel as part of the moviefest, but I am willing to acknowledge my hypocrisy given my comment on the April selection.








Even I take a break in November.