My Definitive Halloween Movie



Fabulous, creepy, amazing Halloween. It's just around the corner.  Well, for me it was just around the corner In June, but now that it's less than three months away, I'm calling it.

Halloween at the Allman household officially kicks off on October 1 with the annual Halloween moviefest.  Thirty-one days of scary movies (not including pre-season).  I say "scary" movies because horror, thriller, slasher, supernatural, suspence and such genres all fit within my moviefest rules.  "Rules?" You say.  "A Halloween moviefest has rules?"  Well, duh.   Didn't you see "Scream?"  There are rules.

Really, they're more like guidelines.

Whatever it is about Halloween that makes you happy, your rules of moviefest should support that.


I'm not sure why I love Halloween.  Maybe it's the childhood memories of birthdays my sister and I had in October that melded with the Halloween festivities. Maybe it was my mother's genius in costume design and her own love for Halloween.  Maybe it was dressing up in robes to scare our friends, or chasing some legend of s headless Chinese railroad worker with my brothers, or hanging out in cemeteries to scare ourselves. Hell, maybe it was just all of the candy - the glorious contraband of my youth. My siblings and my children and my nieces are also really into Halloween, so maybe it's simply genetic.

However it started, October 1 at my house is traditionally reserved for the original John Carpenter "Halloween."  Jamie Lee Curtis made her debut as a high school babysitting nerd at about the same time that I was a budding high school nerd myself.

Long before reruns or VHS or HBO or DVD, streaming video or the cloud, we had one shot to see "Halloween" on the big screen. It was an unprecedented film for its time.  Larger than life in the theater, it scared the hell out of me. And I am teleported back to fall in a small town high school every time I see it.

38 years later, I still jump the first time Michael Myers sits up.  You do, too.  You know you do.


What movie is your hallmark Halloween flick? What defines the season for you?  Are you into classics? What are the classics? Is Conjuring as terrifying for you as it is for me? Are you a Bruce Campbell fan?  Does Ghostbusters count as a Halloween movie, and does the remake work?  We will explore these and other deeply important Halloween topics in the weeks to come.


Happy movie watching, and let the games begin.