Halloween 2016 - Epilogue

Another successful Halloween event at the Allman ranch - lots of friends, family, neighbors and new faces leading up to the grand finale.  Which was not without its challenges.  Possibly the scariest part of Halloween, for me that is, were the 70 mph wind gusts that blew through our canyon Sunday night.  We try to make the displays tolerant of the weather and occasionally bring a few things in when it gets bad.  But how do you plan for hurricane conditions? The worst casualty was the gargoyle, our new friend this season and a heavy bugger.  Of all the displays, that would have been last on my list to succumb to the forces of nature.  But there he was, face down on the pavement, his wings broken, his nose smashed.  The headless horseman came in second, slumped over his broken frame.  So last minute repairs took over on Halloween morning.  Did I mention that my husband can fix pretty much anything?  It's true.  By early afternoon the gargoyle was back in action - his red flashing eyes and fog breathing mouth were the perfect highlight for our pathway.  And the headless horseman responded to some quick orthopaedic surgery in time to survey the estate through the eyes of his flaming jack o'lantern.


Inside, the Halloween treats were receiving homemade love and before the first trick-or-treater rang the bell, 12 dozen hand-decorated cupcakes were lined up like soldiers ready to please the most discriminating child.  The cupcakes are always a hit, something I started doing years ago when the Trunk or Treat trend threatened to destroy all that is magical about Halloween.  When this madness first started, the organizers scheduled the even for Halloween evening in direct competition to the real intent of Halloween.  For a while, I could bake a dozen cupcakes and have some left over.  Today, the good people who organize these events are holding them well in advance of Halloween night and while I don't think trick-or-treating has completely recovered, it is better than it was.  Truth be told, that is what inspired us to put so much of our love into Halloween.

So thanks to all of the friends, family and neighbors who helped make this one of our best Halloween seasons.  We spent the evening handing out treats, visiting the guests, and watching short horror movies on youtube.  And as the decorations were put away until next year, we steadied ourselves for what promised to be the scariest night of 2016 - the November 7 election.  I think the social media feed went something like, "You guys, I'm really afraid somebody is going to win the election." And somebody did.  So now let the real tricks or treats begin.